Homeowners Insurance

Owning a home is a big responsibility and is most likely your most expensive asset, and at Nicholas Insurance Solutions we make you feel better about home ownership. Our biggest priority is to make sure that your home is completely covered from your dwelling itself all the way down to your personal property inside, even down to your socks!

The homeowner’s policy covers your single-family detached home, townhouse, or duplex. It includes coverage for the structure itself, along with any detached structure (like a fence, shed, or garage) and your personal property (like your clothes, furniture, appliances, electronics, and more). It also provides coverage for liability – which protects your home if you’re involved in a lawsuit. We offer two primary types of policies: replacement coverage, which pays to rebuild your home; and actual cash value coverage, which covers the market value of your property.

We also cover your condo as well! It supplements the exterior coverage provided by your condo association, providing protection where that policy’s coverage ends. In most scenarios the condo association’s policy will rebuild the exterior structure, which means basically anything from the paint on out. Depending on that policy, you may be responsible for the interior floors, drywall, wiring, carpeting, lighting, fixtures, and more. For this reason, it’s important to have the correct coverage for your condo so all of your assets are covered properly. The policy also provides important protection for your personal property, and like a homeowner’s policy, it offers coverage for your liability exposure.

We also have the ability to write policies on vacant and unoccupied properties for personal use or former commercial use, so for house flippers and estate properties, we’ve got you covered!

Now Is the Time to Look for Better Rates

With homeowner's insurance rates escalating due to inflation and the ever-increasing cost of construction materials & labor, now is the perfect time to have an independent insurance agency like ours obtain quotes from multiple insurers so you can compare rates as you search for an option which can still fit within your budget while offering you the coverage you need.

Nicholas Insurance Solutions

At Nicholas Insurance Solutions we can write homeowners insurance through over 40 different companies. We offer home insurance through companies like Progressive, Safeco, Encompass, Grange, State Auto, and many more.

It can be difficult to shop for insurance with so many options out there, so at our agency we do the thinking for you. We understand insurance inside and out and can explain every detail of your home insurance to you as we move through the process of getting you the best rate possible.